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Acoustic Foam PRO - Procedural PBR Material

Making a Gaming room scene in your Game Scene? Have a Virtual Music Studio to texture? Here are 10+ Procedural Acoustic Foam PBR Materials for catering to all types of Acoustic Foam needs.

Made fully procedurally in Substance Designer, the textures are of optimal quality, all while adhering to the proper PBR workflow. So expect Physically correct materials with all the highest quality texture maps for PBR Metallic-Roughness workflow straight out of Substance Designer.

You can also get the substance archive (.sbsar) file for full control over the colors, shapes, and pattern numbers for each acoustic foam material!!

The textures provided in this asset pack are 4096px in resolution.

☝BEST PART? It's FREE for PATRONS this entire MONTH from the date of release!!

List of Materials Provided - 

  • Acoustic Grid Deboss Type Acoustic Foam

  • Acoustic Grid Emboss Type Acoustic Foam

  • Beveled Long Wedge Type Acoustic Foam

  • Beveled Square Type Acoustic Foam

  • Egg Crate Type Acoustic Foam

  • Long Wedge Type Acoustic Foam

  • Pyramid Type Acoustic Foam

  • Rounded Wedge Type Acoustic Foam

  • Skewed Wedge Type Acoustic Foam

  • Wedge Type Acoustic Foam

  • Plain Acoustic Foam

Technical Details - 

  • PBR Metallic-Roughness Maps

  • SBSAR file

  • 4096px  Texture Sizes

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Acoustic Foam PRO - Procedural PBR Material

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