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Making Table Top Games?? Need Dice for your Virtual Dungeons and Dragons-inspired Games?? Here is a pack of  3D Dice Models including 80 Unique Dice for all your Virtual Table Top Games!! All the Models are optimized for both Mobile and PC for seamless integration into your games and are textured with Fully PBR Materials for a realistic look to immerse your players into the world of Virtual Table Top Games. The 3D Dice Models Pro comes with Unique Stylized Materials with Engraved Numbers and Legends to make it stand out from all those Simple and Bland white plastic Dice. Just replace the Texture Files to provide all the variations to your players.

Substance Painter File is also available for further customization, hassle-free!!

Special care has been taken to provide the Dice with the exact specifications of real-world dice manufacturing making the dice as fair as possible.

List of Dice in the Pack - 

  • Cubical Dice

  • 14 Sided Dice

  • Octahedral Dice

  • Dodecahedral Dice

  • Tetrahedral Dice

  • Long Dice 1-2-3-4 Configuration

  • Long Dice 1-2-5-6 Configuration

  • Long Dice 1-3-4-6 Configuration

Included in the pack are - 

  • PBR Textured Blender File for the Asset

  • FBX Model

  • PBR Textures for PBR MetallicRoughness, UE4 (Packed), Unity HDRP, and Unity URP

Technical Details -

  • 74 Polygons*, 124 Tris*

  • 78 Vertices*

  • Formats available - FBX, .Blend

  • UV Mapped

  • Optimized UVs

  • PBR Textures

  • 512px, 1024px, 2048px, and 4096px Texture sizes available for all the exports

*For all the 8 Unique Models cumulatively.

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3D Dice Models Pro

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