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Sacrifice is a game about taking help from your own past to defeat the past and perform a Daring Prison Escape along treacherous paths to reach your freedom. You have trapped in the Escape Games your past plays on you and you must Sacrifice yourself to get away from its clutches.

🏡This game is made during the Quarantine in 3 days for you to enjoy with your family while at home.🏡

You are a little guy with an extremely dark past haunting you and as you find your way along the paths full of danger you perform daring feats to outrun your past. You must sacrifice yourself only to be reborn again and take the help of your previous Apparition or Shadow to perform the Prison Escape. The Escape Games you play and the dangerous maneuvers you perform dictate your destiny as you break free from the time loop of your treacherous past.

Survival isn’t the only way out. Your death and the timing of it govern the outcome. Your life isn’t one of the plain old Survival Games everyone around you performs to stay alive. It’s much more. It’s more than survival, it’s about being alive and breaking free from the cycle of time. Forever.

Proceeding further in the path you’ll notice, the Adventure Games you played during your childhood with your shadow friends will come into play as you face the many dangers lying ahead. The Survival Games you played with your torturous and the Adventure Games you played with your Shadow friends in your lonely times in the past will all be of help as you face your biggest enemy, Your Past.

Features -

  • 10+ Levels of action-packed levels, perform your Prison Escape in all of them to break free from your past.

  • Unique game mechanics to assist you in your Escape Games.

  • A great addition to your Survival Games collection.

  • Dark art style with a perfect ambiance for Adventure Games lovers.


Download Sacrifice on Google Play
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