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Video Game Insights Launches Free Tools for Game Market Research

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Video Game Insights has launched a new FREE Platform for Game Market Research.

Market research is always as important as developing a product. If there is no audience then there is no product, and in order to understand your product you need to study the market, your competitor, chance of product success, and many other different parameters that influence the visibility and product sell. So, in Game Development, it is of utmost requirement to know the demand in the market, to know the games that user play, games that are currently in the top charts, and so on. Now, most of this part requires an in-depth market research tool to keep an eye on.

Recently, Video Game Insights launched a Free Platform for the Game Market research which contains a huge database of over 41,000 games on steam and over 50 + data points for each game including all the details of the game publisher, developer, and the other crucial information.

The Dashboard sums up a good overview for analyzing the steam games, their stats with convenient filters, competitor benchmarking, the success rate of games, list of publishers to pitch in, and a lot more.

Check out the VG Insights.

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