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Unity Game Simulation Is Out!

Get to know about Unity Game Simulation release.

Recently on this 23rd March Unity announced the much-awaited Unity Game Simulation at the Google for Game Developers Summit 2020. Supported by the Google Cloud’s interface, Unity Game Simulation is a powerful feature that enables the ability for the developers to optimize their game balance while complementing the playtest by using cloud services. The Beta version of the Unity Game Simulation is out for Free and the feedback from developers will be recorded for the production release.

Here’s a brief overview of the recent release, however, you can find the complete details about the Unity Game Simulation at Unity Official website.

Key features-

Optimizing the Game Balance

With the Unity Game Simulation, now you can test frequently with the online dashboard and can set up, run and analyze the game balance tests. The power of the cloud helps the developers to playtest on the go.

Speed Testing

The power of the cloud server allows the developer to simulate over thousands of player interaction, variables that determine the game and a lot more properties that developers could change on fly and conduct tests with ease.

Accurate Results

Unity Game Simulation plays a major role in replacing the spreadsheet with a more accurate result by cloud testing. Human playtesting is a solution but even this gets into the limitation of scaling and can become expensive. Therefore Unity Game Simulation comes out to become an extensive measure to optimize the game balance playtesting.


How to Access Unity Game Simulation?

Starting to work with Unity Game Simulation is pretty simple. All the Unity users can have access to the beta version for free using their Unity account. However, the free version is set up with certain limitations which are good for normal use. The developers having exceeded needs from the limits can opt for the paid version which will be contacted by the Unity team itself.

Unity users can fill out the form to enroll themselves to the beta program of Unity Game Simulation and Unity team will be contacting those enrolled developers within 24 hours.

Here is the link to the form.

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