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Unity Acquires Ludiq Bolt

Find out more about Unity Technologies acquiring Bolt, Ludiq’s Flagship Visual Scripting Solution.

Bolt, the Flagship Visual Scripting Solution of Ludiq, has been acquired by Unity Technologies. This acquisition is great news for the Artist’s, Designers and Programmers to collaborate on their games using a Production-Ready Visual Authoring Tool.

Support for Bolt 1 will be uninterrupted by the acquisition and the development of Bolt 2 is also progressing along with Unity engineers. Hence the existing users of Bolt are in no danger of being left out and the support will continue. Also, Unity is also going to send free vouchers to the users who bought Bolt from the Ludiq store which is redeemable in the Unity Asset Store. Also taking care of educational licenses, since educational licenses can no longer be purchased from the Ludiq Store, Unity will provide free vouchers to Unity Student Plan users in the near future.

In an attempt to take care of the existing customers, communities and support channels Ludiq's community manager Hasan is joining Unity to ensure a smooth transition and maintain a direct line of communication with the community.

| In their Blog Ludiq Stated, “The Ludiq Discord server will become solely dedicated to Bolt and the moderation will be handed over to Unity, with Hasan on the team. The learning material on our Learn Hub and our YouTube channel will be moved to Unity's documentation streams over time.”

Find out the Full Blog at Ludiq’s Website.

Unity will also provide Bolt 2 at no additional costs to the existing Bolt users and the users who buy Bolt before May 31, 2020 (11:59 PM PST). Eligible users will automatically receive an individual license for Bolt 2 when it is released. To make all these processes seamless Ludiq will share its user’s email addresses with Unity on June 4, 2020, unless the user decides to opt-out.

Opt-out via the Data Transfer Opt-Out Form.

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