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Unity Acquires Finger Food Advanced Technology Group

Unity states it’s “Enabling real-time 3D technology at a new scale”

In yet another acquisition by Unity Technologies, it has acquired Finger Food Advanced Technology Group. This has been yet another great move by Unity in propelling the field of real-time 3D technology to a broader variety of industries spanning from media and entertainment to automotive, transportation, and manufacturing including construction and architecture. As more and more businesses are realizing the impact of real-time 3D for newer customer experiences and revamped workflows, acquiring Finger Food has been a great move by Unity.

As Unity states, “Finger Food provides tailored solutions to some of the world’s leading companies, including Lowe’s, Enbridge, and Softbank Robotics, to solve complex business problems using today’s most advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, and robotics.”

Along with Finger Food, Unity aims to “translate shared tooling and services programs into repeatable solutions to make it a lot easier for companies across any industry to adopt real-time 3D without needing to ramp up internal expertise, retraining, or upending established processes.” However, this service is available to Unity’s Enterprise Customers.

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However, this has seen some backlash from the community as Unity Technologies is pushing for the usage of this tech more for companies focused on other fields than games. But with the development of such technologies, there is always a possibility of Game Developers getting a superior real-time 3D technology in their hands due to subsequent advancements due to this acquisition. Also, with more and more companies, who are unrelated to games, opting for real-time 3D in their workflow, there sure is a chance for the Game Developers to explore different industries with their current skill-set as the demand for real-time 3D increases hence increasing the demand for developers with the certain related skill-set.

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