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Titles announced for February 2023 for PlayStation Plus!

Bordelands 3, The Quarry and more are now available for the month of February 2023.

Titles announced for February 2023 for PlayStation Plus!

With the introduction of tiers to their PlayStation Plus subscription last year, players now get a new game each month. These new games are available to the Premium and Extra tiers. Through Extra, players will receive top titles from PS4 and PS5, and through Premium tier, they get to play games from PS1, PS2 and PS3, along with demos.

Talking about the titles for the month of February, they have been announced. The games which are now available and ready to download are **DRUMROLLS!!**

- The Quarry

- Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

- Horizon Forbidden West

- Borderlands 3

And many more! Full list here.

Now, here is the icing on the cake! Players that have gone for the Premium tier have some classic PS1 titles for them to try out. The Legend of Dragoon, Wild Arms 2 and Harvest Moon: Back to Nature to name some.

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