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Resemble.AI now supports Unity with Open Source Plugin

Recently on May 14, Resemble.Ai announced the release of Free Open Source Unity Plugin which every Game Developer can use to Synthesize Speech and Voice Cloning.

Resemble.Ai is pretty well known for its powerful integration of voice cloning with the ability of modulation that sets the mood of the scene. This turns the gameplay into a real conversation and adds a factor of emotion which makes the scene livelier. The Ai is built with some advanced feature that enables the user to change the characteristics of the voice with the requirement of the current scene.

Resemble.AI allows to record a speech and then generate high-quality samples which can be used directly in the game with a lot of options for the voice modulation. With the release of Speech Gradients, it is now possible to add emotions to the conversation. Developers can manipulate and implement the intonations and inflections of speech to craft speech in a more advanced form.

The Unity plugin will help the users to get all the options to manipulate voice in the editor itself. It will give users the ability to generate content with the help of scripts. Which further can be enhanced by adding the Speech Gradient that applies various emotions to the text.

Download the Unity Plugin.

The Synthetic Voice technology will help the game developers to enhance the quality of the game with a more dynamic environment and thus boosting the feel of the game. The voiceovers used in games can now be integrated seamlessly with the help of voice cloning. The User-friendly GUI interface gives developers the complete ability to use it in the editor itself maintaining a healthy workflow. This will, however, end the dependency of large scale Recording Studios which were required for the voices to be implemented in a game.

Check Resemble.Ai Official Site for more details.

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