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PlayStation Announces PlayStation Plus Subscription

Sony officially announced its PlayStation Plus subscription adding over 700 games to the ecosystem.

Recently, Sony has officially announced the long-running rumor of a PlayStation Plus subscription to be launched soon this June. It will merge up the previous PlayStation Now and the new PlayStation Plus into a single service to streamline the process. PlayStation Plus is a subscription-based service that would provide the players with free monthly games for their PS4 and PS5, along with that players would get access to online gaming services, cloud storage, exclusive discounts, deals, and a lot more other benefits. As we all know that PlayStation Now is the streaming service for the players to stream games on various platforms, therefore, the collaboration of PlayStation Now with PlayStation Plus would be a great combo to add on to.

Sony has divided the Tiers into 3 parts starting from PlayStation Plus Essential, PlayStation Plus Extra, and PlayStation Plus Premium. The PlayStation Plus Essential is basically the original existing PlayStation Plus Service but the other two tiers are value-added services on top of the basic one. The PlayStation Extra will provide a catalog of 400 best PS4 and PS5 games whereas the PlayStation Plus Premium would be providing an extra 340 games to the users. Users would also get access to the classic PS2, PS3, and PSP titles through the support of cloud streaming services.

Check out the detailed Tiers on the Official Blog.

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