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NeoAxis Switched over to Open Source License

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Recently on 26th June, NeoAxis Ltd announced, it has changed the license of NeoAxis Engine and has now transformed into a new royalty-free Open Source License.

NeoAxis is an integrated development environment with built-in support of game engine which allows creating 2D and 3D projects, computer games, VR Application and other windows application. It supports .NET programming with built-in scripting support that enhances the workflow. The 3D and 2D Game engine have great features with bullet physics and Aether 2D Physics Engine that leverage the development for 2D and 3D games.

Recently on 26th June, NeoAxis Ltd announced, NeoAxis is shifting towards a new royalty Free, Open Source License. The Full Source Code will be available at GitHub and the distribution of the license is subject to a few conditions.

Check out the complete details at NeoAxis Official Website.

Get the Source Code here.

Find out more about the upcoming features at the NeoAxis Roadmap.

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