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Manticore launches Core’s Creator Economy

Recently on 8th June, Manticore announced a $1 Million Pilot Program to leverage the creators making games using Core.

Manticore Games the creator of Core platform has recently announced a package of $1 million to leverage up the core creators and help them to monetize through the Creator Payout Pilot Program. This came in a great time when game devs are searching for an opportunity in this pandemic to kickstart their career.

As per the information the program allows the game creators to earn decent pay scale via daily active users throughout the month. This means each user that is to be considered as DAU throughout the month can pay the Game Creator in a great way.

Check out Manticore’s Blogpost for more details.

However, that being said, not every Game Creators are allowed to monetize their games through this way, A total of 100 seats have been reserved for this program from which half of the seats have been invited by the Manticore’s company itself. This includes the Game Creators who have been using Core’s platform to publish games during the Alpha stage. The rest half is yet to be enrolled in this program for future production. To be eligible for the program, creators need to publish their game on Core and should have a minimum of 50 DAU throughout the month in order to qualify for this program. Later these creators could fill out the form to notify Manticore for their further enrollment in the program.

Fill out the Form.

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