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Intro to Game Industry Mega Events

Here is a list of Top Mega Events of the Game Industry for all the Game Developers to look forward each year.

Today the Game Industry is a market of more than $100 Billion and employs tens of thousands of aspiring minds each year. With such a huge base it is quite difficult for the game developers around the world to stay connected and be acquainted well in this industry. Also, with the rising support and love from the fan base, it is mandatory to maintain the bond strong and long for years. This is the reason why Game Industry host special Mega Events to unite the Game Developers across the world and provide a platform for the Game Developers and the Gamers to meet. Each year several Game Expos and Conferences take place which allows Game developers and the aspiring people to experience a completely new level of Gaming and a platform not just to showcase the talent but also to learn more about the Game Development. Here is a list of top Game Expos and Game Conferences which every Game Developer should have an eye on.

E3- Electronic Entertainment Expo

It is one of the most popular Game Conventions ever with a platform having all the major studios, brands, Indie Game Dev Companies, Press coverages, gamers and so on. It provides a great platform to the production companies to reveal their upcoming projects latest insights and keep their supporters in touch with them. Every year it is held in Los Angeles, California and has now become a hotspot for all the fans and gamers to participate each year.


Being held in Anaheim, California since 2005, Blizzard is the company behind this Great Mega Event each year. This event covers exclusive news, announcements, releases, and a chance for the players to play the upcoming titles from Blizzard. If you are a fan of Diablo, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, StarCraft or any other titles from Blizzard then it is must check this out.

PAX – Penny Arcade Expo

Centred towards the Gamers and hosted by the famous webcomic, Penny Arcade, PAX is a great convention for both the gamers and developers to gain a unique experience. This Expo includes tournaments LAN parties and so on for the gamers while Game Developers can induce themselves in the keynote from the speakers of the Game Development Industry. Being held each year usually in summer and the United States, it is a great convention for the Gamers to take part and immerse into a completely new experience.

TGS - Tokyo Game Shows

As the name refers, Tokyo Game Shows originates from Japan and exclusively focuses on the Japanese games. Being held each year in Chiba, it is often considered to be a great mega-event covering the complete scope of the Game Development Industry. This includes Indie Game Development, AR, VR, Game Park, Fundraisers, Business, Exhibition, eSport and a lot more. The event is so large that it is quite common to be lost in this new custom world.

EGX – Eurogamer Expo

Eurogamer Expo is a grand video game convention held each year In Europe which attracts more than 50,000 people while making the event a big success every time. Often held in the United Kingdom and sometimes in Germany, EGX is a great place for all the industry insights including the new game information, previews, talks, interaction with the leading giants, esports, cosplay and lot more exciting things. If you are an Indie Game Developer then there is a different branch of EGX known as EGX Rezzed which primarily focuses on Indie Game Developers.

The Game Awards

Started back in 2014 by the famous Game Journalist, Geoff Keighley who is also well known for hosting the Spike Video Game Awards since a decade from 2003-2013 is now back with “The Game Awards”. It is regarded as the most prestigious awards in the industry where all the games are reviewed by the voting jury of 80 leading media outlets including Game Spot, Giant Bomb, Game informer and so on.

Taipei Game Shows

Held by Taipei Computer Association (TCA) is one of the largest Gaming Expos in the world with a shred of evidence to have over 450k visitors. The Game Show focuses on the Game Developers, publishers, gamers, brands, businesses and the, of course, the fans to unite at a single place and experience the world of gaming. This Taiwan Game Show attracts a variety of audiences and Game Developers each year making the overall event a giant hit.

GDC - Game Developer Conference

When it comes to Game Conference, GDC is the one which comes first in the list. GDC is one of the huge Game Development Conference held annually by the professionals and the students directly from the Game Development Industry. It is a bit different from all other conventions and it primarily focuses on educating the developers and inspiring them to achieve their dream game. Addressed by the professionals, GDC is great for all the aspiring minds who want to delve deeper into the Game Development. This is held by UBM Game Network in San Francisco where more than 25,000 attendees’ visits to experience a different level of learning.

Unite by Unity Technologies

If you use Unity for Game Development then it is quite popular among the Unity Developers that Unity organizes Unite, a Game Development event where passionate Game Developers, Asset Creators, Artists, Designers and a lot more other personnel’s from different fields can get Industry Insights of Unity Technologies and can submerge into the world of “Made with unity”. The session includes the speakers from the Unity who helps you to leverage your Game Development skills and inspires you further to build some beautiful games.


Created by the Steel Media, the maker of Pocket Gamer, PGConnects is a large international event held in many parts of the world which unites top industry giants which includes, developers, publishers, vendors, advertisers, gamers and a lot more. It provides an opportunity to connect with a larger network of Industry Professionals while learning new things throughout the event.


Organized by BIU each year in Cologne, Germany, GamesCom is counted as the largest Game Fairs that takes place every year with more than 340,000 visitors. It provides a great platform to all the Game Developers, Game Journalists, Fans, Publishers to connect and stay informed about the latest trends and the upcoming titles from the game dev giants. It is a great networking venue for all the Game Developers to reach and harness the opportunity.

This year most of the game events got cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic but still few of them will be conducted as virtual events. Grab your tickets soon for the upcoming game convention and stay tuned for more updates.

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