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Interactive Training Experience for Healthcare Workers by Immersion

A digital studio from Poland, Immersion created an Interactive Training Experience for Healthcare Workers using Unity.

In this pandemic of COVID-19 outbreak, self-care and self-security is a major concern for every individual. And the risk factor even increases more for those who are playing a front role in this COVID-19 crisis. Recently, WHO stated that in some countries 1 in every 10 healthcare workers are infected with this virus. As the virus is mostly transferred through person to person, it is essential for all of us to maintain social physical distancing and properly sanitizing ourselves regularly.

But the whole scenario turns out to be a major concern for the healthcare workers with improper use of personal protective equipment (PPE). Not only the lack of awareness but also the factor of negligence results in severe consequences. Also, due to lack of proper training, most of the healthcare workers undergo human error risking their lives unknowingly.

Know the correct use of PPE here.

But among all these situations, a digital studio from Poland, Immersion jumped right away to help the healthcare workers to learn the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE). With the help of U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, Veterans Health Administration (VHA) and Employee Education System (EES), Immersion built one Interactive Training Experience through WebGL Application using Unity which shows 12-step walkthrough for donning and doffing of PPE. Immersion had also worked with NASA and Smithsonian Institute previously to build their AR app and now with this, it has eased out the process of training to every healthcare workers.

“Personal protective equipment is healthcare workers’ main – if not only – line of defense,” said Immersion CEO Piotr Baczynski. “We believe that interactive, gamified training is an effective and accessible way to learn the most important elements of COVID-19 PPE safety procedures.”

The interactive session covers almost everything that a healthcare worker should be aware of. Few essential resources are:-

  • Jewellery removal

  • Hand washing

  • Donning and doffing the pairs of gloves

  • Properly wearing a gown

  • Proper use of N95 respirator

  • Use of face shield

Check out the Interactive Training Experience here.

With the team of 16 person which includes, developers, 3d modellers, animators and UI designers, Immersion made it possible to bring up a great App within 4 days. Unity’s real-time 3d development platform helped the Immersion team to quickly sum up all the points from VA, VHS, and EES and to integrate those in the app while building a WebGL application. The platform support and highly optimized WebGL of Unity lead the Immersion team to succeed in this task.

Further Immersion team is planning to add some more interactive and in-depth training experience while deploying it to the mobile application. Currently, the web experience is limited with the restriction of Firewall by the local hospitals and is not widely efficiently accessible. So to distribute it widely among people, Immersion is working on to make the app available for mobile application throughout other countries.

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