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FREE Real-Time Face Capture with Unreal Engine using iPhone

Epic Games has launched a new iOS app that uses the platform’s AR kit to capture the Real-Time Facial expression for your character models in Unreal Engine.

Unreal Engine has been improvising the feature set of its native engine constantly and now has been evolved into a high-fidelity advanced engine empowering the virtual production to its best. Recently Epic Games has launched an iOS app, Live Link Face for Unreal Engine to capture the Real-Time Facial expression which you can use directly in your 3D Characters. It uses the iPhone TrueDepth front-facing camera and the platform’s AR kit to track the face and then transmit the data to Unreal Engine through Live Link over a network.

With that being said, Live Link also supports and includes the head and neck rotation as a part of Facial Tracking System making to become a robust feature in the virtual tracking field. Developers are not required to equip themselves with the mocap suit and head-mounted rig all the time for collecting the head and neck rotation data anymore. Also, developers can record it as a raw blend shape data (CSV) or a video type (MOV) stripped with the timecode which allows you to make any further changes if required in the engine.

Learn more about Live Link.

But the best part for the Game Developers is, it is completely FREE, no matter what, it is being used by a professional studio or a small team or a solo indie developer, you can access the facial animation tech easily and integrate to your game within minutes.

Get Started with the Live Link.

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