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Epic Games Publishing Announces Partnership

Epic Games Publishing Announces Partnership with Studios behind Limbo, Control, and The Last Guardian.

Recently on 26th March, Epic Games headed towards a new multiplatform publishing effort while announcing the partnership with the studios behind the most popular titles, Control, Limbo, and The Last Guardian. The Remedy Entertainment, Playdead, and gen Design are the first studios to develop a publishing relationship with the Epic games.

While adopting the same strategy from Epic Games Store as “Developers-First”, Epic Games Publishing aims to improve the development quality and user engagement. With this developer-friendly approach, Epic Games has set a new example in the industry and redefined the publisher-developer relationship. The main key points of the deal set up by the Epic Games and the Studios include:-

Full Creative freedom and Ownership, which will allow the Studios to retain 100% of the intellectual property and the full creative control on their work. This will help the developers to focus on the development process more resulting in something innovative and excellent.

Completely Funded Project, is a great initiative by the Epic Games to fund the developers while covering 100% of the development cost which includes, development salaries and the marketing expenses.

50/50 Profit Sharing, will help the developers to earn a fair share for all their hard work.

With all this announced, Epic Games is all set to help Studios publish their games late this year. Check out the Epic games Official Website for more details.

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