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Cinema 4D: S22 Release

Find out the new feature set of the new C4D S22 release.

Maxon has released a new Cinema 4D Subscription release S22 which is available for download now for the subscription users as early access. Many new improvements have been added to the latest release which improves the workflows and performance of greatly. This is a subscription release and the perpetual licenses will be available with the release of C4D R22.

Here are some of the New Features available in the S22 release.

Viewport Enhancements

There have been various viewport improvements in C4D S22 which help the user get a proper and more realistic representation of the scene prior to the final render. S22 also has greatly improved upon the performance in the viewport. These are some of the improvements -

• Representation of Hair and Fur in the Viewport now has a big improvement and looks much more realistic and closer to the final result.

• A new Geometry the only mode is added to get a clean result in the viewport with just one click to see the scene without the distractions like Camera Frustums, World Grid, Axis, etc.

• The viewport is now up to 15 times faster with improved performances of Multi Instances. Render Instances also benefit from this performance improvement.

• Now there are more accurate Shadow representations in the viewport including coloured shadows for the coloured transparent objects in the scene which imparts even closer results to the final render. This greatly improves look-dev prior to final render.

• The gradients used in the bump channel are now represented in the viewport in real-time.

• There is a great improvement for the Mac users as the Viewport has been updated now runs on Metal Framework, taking full advantage of the Hardware available. This also assures compatibility with future Mac OS updates.

UV Workflow Improvements

There are a lot of improvements regarding the UV workflow in Cinema 4D which has made UV unwrapping and Packaging in C4D extremely intuitive. Here are some of the feature updates -

• There are now Automatic UVs which provide great texture quality with smaller image sizes. Automatic UVs cuts unwrap and packs them with just one click and are extremely efficient packing.

• The Improved UV tools along with an improved UV layout provide a unified 3D and UV Polygon mode for better selections. Other existing and new selection tools have now been enhanced and integrated with the UV editor for a seamless workflow.

• The Texture UV editor now has new view options that allow to see the UV boundaries and seams are also visible on the 3D viewport.

Modelling Improvements

A great deal of improvements has been made to the modelling tools which now are more efficient and intuitive to work with. With these improvements, the modelling workflow has become even more user friendly. These are some of the Improvements to the Modeling tools

• The Modeling tools now work much faster with new optimizations.

• The extrude generator now extrudes in the correct direction by detecting the alignment of the splines which is great for workflow optimizations. This also is intuitive as the only control the user needs to focus on most is the offset without having to hassle with the correct extrusion axis.

• Loop and ring selection tools updated which speeds up the selection workflow for modelling and UV unwrapping. Edge loops can now be selected between poles and existing selections which is a great enhancement, cutting down the slow selection workflow time.

• The new Mirror selection tool is now added which helps in mirroring the selection to the other side, cutting down on the time taken for selecting multiple sides of a symmetric model.

• The Bevel tool and other deformers now are faster with great UV optimization for cleaner UVs.

• Cleaning up a Triangulated mesh is now a breeze with the new interactive Untriangulate command. It’s especially helpful for the CAD imports which have a lot of triangulated meshes to clean.

• The updated bridge tool is now faster with options for interactively adding subdivisions and adjusting the spin steps for a higher level of control.

• Getting rid of any non-manifold geometry has now become extremely easy with just click of the new “resolve non-manifold” command. By just a click of a button, the non-manifold polygons are disconnected.

Other enhancements

• There is now an improved GLTF export which is a great addition for exporting C4D files into Game Engines, AR Applications.

• The GoZ integration with Zbrush has now been greatly improved. GoZ is now Built-in with Cinema 4D S22 along with great integrations found in the Preferences. It also retains Polypaint and Polygroup information. Interaction between Cinema 4D and Zbrush now just got easier.

• Nodal Material export has been improved and baked representation of node Materials can now be exported easily.

• A vast number of great assets have been added to the Content Browser. There are a lot of assets for use in almost any kind of project and are extremely well made and are customizable for any specific needs. There are also great HDRIs for integration in the scenes

These are some of the great improvements to Cinema 4D coming with the S22 Release. This is currently available for subscription users only as early access and will be available as a perpetual license with the release of R22.

Check out Cinema4D Official Website for more details.

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