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BOLT sets FREE for all Unity users

Bolt visual scripting is now all set to be free for all the Unity users.

Recently on July 23rd Unity announced that the Bolt Visual Scripting will be completely Free for all the Unity users and is available via Asset Store. After acquiring Bolt from Ludiq, Unity has been constantly working on to develop seamless experience and deep integration of Visual Scripting in the Engine. This will not only help the non-programmers to kickstart their development journey but it will also help the programmers to quickly prototype a variety of ideas in iterations.

Get Bolt from Unity Asset Store.

With that being said, Unity has also made it clear to keep the ongoing development Bolt 2 Free for all Unity users with no additional cost. Furthermore, the users who have purchased Bolt after May 4, 2020, will get a refund which depicts the strong initiative of Unity to enhance the learning experience.

Watch Unity Bolt tutorial to get started.
Checkout Unity Official Blog for more details.

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