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Blender 2.9 is now Released

Find the extensive Feature list of the long-awaited Blender 2.9 release.

After the long wait, the 2.9 release of Blender is out and it brings forth a vast collection of new and improved features that will make your life as an Indie 3D artist easier than ever. Here is a list of some Major and awaited features of Blender which will make your life as an Indie Game Developer and 3D artist even more amazing.

User Interface

Starting from the Interface, a lot of improvements have been made to make working in Blender much more seamless. One of the Major Features is the addition of the support for Drag and Drop reordering of Modifiers and other stacks which significantly increases efficiency.

Some of the other Features are Reworked Layouts for making the menus even more compact, Scene Statistics for the 3D viewport with a “Statistics” Overlay, Easier resizing of panels with Larger Hit area for the borders, Local Undo and Redo commands for Text Field buttons while editing Text, Scrolling of the view upon dragging of outliner elements to an edge of a region, and many more.


Blender 2.9 has seen a lot of improvements and feature additions to the Modeling workflow along with some amazing improvements to the UV Editor. The UV Editor now has advanced selection techniques like Edge Ring Select and Pick Shortest path which improves the UV workflow vastly. A new tool, Extrude Manifold, is added that can automatically split and remove adjacent faces when extruding inwards.

Other Features include UV Rip which separates UV Components from Connected Components, Option for changing the opacity of UV Overlay, Snapping support added for the Ruler Tool, Preserving of the custom Normal Vectors by the Topology Cleanup tools and Bezier handle support for Custom Profile for the Bevel Modifier.


One of the biggest additions to the Sculpting workflow is the Multires Modifier which provides the freedom of switching between multiple subdivision levels while the displacement and deformation information smoothly propagated between them. This opens a much more streamlined avenue for the Sculpting Workflow.

Other Improvements are Cloth Filter for cloth simulation, Rebuilding of lower subdivision levels by Multires, Face set FK mode for Pose Brush for proper Deformations, Better and more Predictable Pressure/Size curves for Clay Strips, and Support for Pen Pressure modulation of the Hardness Property.

Grease Pencil

Speaking of improvements for the Grease Pencil Onion Skinning support has been added for annotations in the Video Sequencer, Properties like Layer Mask and Use Lights are now animatable, Annotate Line Tool has support for different types of arrows and, Mouse Stabilizer is now added for the Annotate Tool.


Plenty of improvements have been added to both Cycles and Eevee for making rendering a lot faster and even more beautiful. OptiX is now available o fall the NVIDIA GPUs that support it, i.e, Maxwell or Higher but NVIDIA GPU rendering is no longer supported on macOS as Apple dropped support for CUDA drivers in macOS 10.14.

The new Sky Texture has seen a major improvement. It’s an improved version of Nishita single scattering sky model which takes the altitude changes into factor as well as ozone absorption. Other major improvements are support for Intel OpenImageDenoise for denoising in the 3D Viewport as well as for the Final Renders and are now supported for any recent Intel/AMD CPU, and artifact avoidance on low-poly with Per-Object Shadow terminator offset setting.

One of the major improvements in Eevee include Improvement in Motion Blur which has been written from scratch and takes mesh deformation into account.


One of the greatest improvements in the physics engine of Blender is the Pressure Gradient option in the cloth system for emulating weight of contained or surrounding fluid which breathes life into the Cloth simulations with some amazing results. Other Features and Improvements include OpenVDB fluid Caching, Simplified Cache format options, and some other important Bug Fixes.

Along with these a lot of features have been added to Blender 2.9 to improve upon the workflow. You can find a complete list of all the changes to the Blender 2.9 update on the Blender Website.

With Love From VOiD1 Gaming

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