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Apple Banning Games without Recent Updates

Complying with the new App Store Improvements program, Apple warns apps and games that have not been updated for a long time would be removed from the App Store.

Recently Apple has come out with a new program aiming to make users more attracted to the Apple ecosystem while upgrading the overall user experience and ensuring compatibility with new iOS devices. In return, Apple is now focusing on tightening the quality barrier and maintaining high standards with its new guidelines for the developers. However, these changes seem to be sharp for indie devs leaving several questions on many faces.

There is a bunch of tweets from many developers on Twitter regarding this issue. However, there is no official reply yet from the company and it is expected to carry forward the same as it is. A few developers have also been reported to question Apple on the arbitrary decision made for the apps removal that makes no sense. However, as per the above blog, Apple is providing a period of 30 days to submit an updated version of the product which upon failure might lead to the removal of the app or game from the App Store.

Until any clear explanation is provided from Apple, it is well suggested to all the readers, to update your app and game with the required changes as soon as possible to stay on the market.

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