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10 Great YouTube Channels for learning 2D Art

Find YouTube Channels to polish your 2D Art

Graphics is one of the biggest selling points for games it may make or break your game’s sales. Since 2D is easier to manage and make than 3D art for Indie Game Developers making 2D art is an essential skill to learn for making your own graphics for your games. Learning the basics of both Traditional and Digital Painting will definitely come in handy for making your own 2D Assets. Here is a list of 10 great YouTube Channels for learning the basics and more.


Run by Stan Prokopenko, Proko is a very informative and entertaining channel for learning the basics of Drawing with traditional means which covers many different aspects of art. You can learn a lot about Gesture Drawings, Drawing Basics, etc with a very entertaining approach. Must watch channel if you want to begin polishing your skills to the next level.

Stan, along with Marshall Vandruff runs another YouTube Channel called Draftsmen covering tips and advice for budding artists in a very unique one on one interview/podcast-style format.

Head over to Proko and Draftsmen.


Moderndayjames YouTube Channel is run by James Douglas, an L.A. based Art Instructor at Brainstorm School. His great approaches for tackling the basics of drawing including composition, perspective and anatomy will get you up and running with Drawing. He also has Digital Painting videos on the channel for non-traditional artists. The channel is very informative and his approaches and techniques make learning art a breeze.

Check out more at Moderndayjames.

Marco Bucci

With one of the most unique art styles, Marco Bucci is a great artist and teacher. His paintings speak of having fun in the process and he emphasizes enjoying the process along with the finished product. He has a great teaching style and his playful art style is definitely eye-catching. His channel covers amazing Digital Painting techniques and Brushwork principles which will propel you to explore and find your own art style.

Head over to the Marco Bucci YouTube Channel.

Boro Drawing

Great Channel of having fun and learning art. Boro Drawing is a channel that provides you with amazing content and tutorials that will help you polish your skills. He approaches Digital Painting in a very entertaining way and provides content packed with tips and techniques which will help you find new ways to both make and enjoy art. He also tests out new Digital Painting software which can help you decide your tool of choice.

Head over to Boro Drawing.

Trent Kaniuga

It is a great channel for learning Digital Painting by just watching the process. Trent has worked as a Concept Designer on World of Warcraft, Diablo 3 and League of Legends and is also an Indie Game Developer. So as a Game Developer, you have the opportunity to have a glance at his methods for developing art for games. You can also find some art tech reviews for deciding upon any new products related to Digital Art.

Watch the amazing videos of Trent Kaniuga.

Walid Feghali

Walid Feghali’s YouTube Channel is packed with amazing content that you can watch to improve our Digital Painting skills. His approaches and techniques are extremely robust and easy to understand and his teaching methods are very entertaining. You can find various unique uses of brushwork to make complex drawing simple as well as some techniques of Photobashing or Photo textures for incorporating in our drawings.

Check out Walid Feghali.

Mohammed Agbadi

If Comic book style art is your choice then Mohammed Agbadi’s YouTube Channel is there for you. You can find techniques and methods you wish you knew earlier which would take your art to the next level. His simple yet effective methods will help you level up your Digital Painting skills.

Bardot Brush

Creator of the very successful Brush sets for Procreate the channel is full of great content for Procreate artists who can learn to get the full out of the Digital Painting Program and also get amazing brushes to use. Her Channel provides tips, tricks, and tutorials for artists using Procreate and the content is very entertaining. If you are a Procreate artist this channel is for you.

Find out more about Bardot Brush.

Angela Kalokairinou

This channel can help you learn a lot from just watching the process of Digital Painting. The channel covers art made with the Procreate app for iPad and goes over a very cute art style which is quite entertaining to watch and make.

Find out more at Angela Kalokairinou.


Absolutely amazing Channel with contents such as speed paintings, tutorials, and art accessory reviews, Jazza is your go-to channel to get out of creative block while learning a lot in the process. You can find many amazing videos with very entertaining tone and mood covering various aspects of art. It's all about having fun in the process of making art and the channel propels that to the full extent.

Head over to Jazza.

Some unique mentions-

Gal Shir

Also a YouTube Channel which shows the use of Procreate for Digital Painting but with a twist. His simple yet effective approach to Digital Painting is incredibly satisfying to watch and you can follow his techniques and approach very effectively. The channel is a great source of both inspiration and entertainment mixed in a seamless package. The content is absolutely soothing to watch and learn Procreate along with that.

Find out more about Gal Shir.

Jono Dry

Though not a typical art tutorial channel, Jono Dry is definitely a unique channel with an amazing approach to traditional art. His ultra-realistic pencil drawings and sketches along with great graphite usage techniques is definitely a unique channel to watch. The production quality of his videos is extremely professional and is a certain delight to the eyes.

Get to see more of the amazing art at Jono Dry.

Enox Art

As of February 2020, Enox art is a small growing channel with awesome content. It definitely has the potential to become an amazing art channel. The channel covers Procreate Digital Paintings with a great art style. You can learn a lot by just watching the process.

Check out Enox Art.

With Love From VOiD1 Gaming

**VOiD1 Gaming is not sponsored by any of the above Channels. This list is in no particular order and preference of the channels are solely dependent on the user interest. All trademarks appearing in this list are registered trademarks of the respective Channels.**



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