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The New Ubisoft Scalar Cloud Tech

Ahead of this year’s Game Developer Conference (GDC) 2022, Ubisoft announced the new Cloud Tech, Ubisoft Scalar that could possibly begin the new era of Game Development.

A new Game Development technology is in the pipeline and is yet to go live soon as per the recent announcement of Ubisoft showcasing its recent advancement in cloud tech, Ubisoft Scalar. With the aim of removing technical constraints by allowing limitless computing power, now, Game Developer can harness their true potential of making games and we will be able to see some next-level games coming ahead of time.

Ubisoft Stockholm has taken the charge to uplift the development process of the Scalar and build the hardware solution to integrate cloud computing at its best. The company is developing the technology under the hood and is not willing to disclose any further details at the moment but as per the recently uploaded video, it seems that something big is yet to come. These cloud-based computing technologies would help the developers to get out of the constrained zone and make some limitless world with enormous possibilities of simulation along with the power upscaling.

This is not like the cloud streaming services like Xbox cloud and Google Stadia, rather, the basic idea of Scalar is to scale up from the single computing local system to a distributed system present overcloud that can handle a ton of things seamlessly. This also enables all the updates to happen over the cloud in the runtime without forcing the player to download a patch in order to make things work, this continuous evolution and simulation are what Ubisoft Scalar aims for which would revolutionize the world of Game Development forever. With that being said, we hope to see more such awesome innovation and advancement in technology in the near future.

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