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Epic Games Acquires Bandcamp

Bandcamp to join Epic Games to continue the legacy of supporting fair, open platforms for all the artists including indie creators and music fans.

If you are into music especially a creator/composer, you might have come across Bandcamp which is an online music store and an active community where indie music composers can share their work in front of a huge user base and connect along the way. Bandcamp and Epic Games share the same motive of uplifting the artist-friendly platform and eventually, this has now turned out to be the reason for working together for a common mission. With Bandcamp joining Epic Games, we could quite expect great support towards the games sector and giving more power to the Unreal Engine users for leveraging up their game. Epic Games has always been a helping hand for the artists and now with this news, it’s surely going to have a significant contribution to the field of music.

Read the Epic Games Blog.

Furthermore, Epic Games recently bought studios can take full advantage of the technology used by the Bandcamp, and as a whole Epic Games could lead the space ahead of its competitors. As per the statements, there would be no drastic shift of the workflow for the Bandcamp and users can expect the same level of commitment ahead of time. Both the companies are here at a good deal-seeking towards a technology-driven future and this gives creators as well as fans more access to high-level content.

Check out Bandcamp Blog.

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*Thumbnail Image Attribution - Photo by cottonbro from Pexel, and Unreal Engine 5 Revealed!


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