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Basic Enemy Patrolling Script

Kickstart your Coding Venture with 2D Enemy Patrolling Script and get those enemies patrolling. Give life to your enemies instantly patrolling the way in search of intruders.  The asset contains scripts for both Side-Scrolling and Top-Down types of games and is made with utmost care toward beginners. This is a dynamic patrol mechanic for Beginners to get started. To get a feel of the script we've also provided a demo scene to test out the correct parameters for your games.

The asset pack is completely tweakable and provides you the freedom to test different parameters for different game feel. The code is properly commented on for ease of use for everyone and is beginner-friendly.


  • Both Side-Scrolling and Top-Down game types supported

  • Well-documented code for ease of access and the script is extremely beginner-friendly

  • Can be easily customized according to the Game's requirement

  • The Custom Editor will help you to get started as per your need

  • You get Two scenes for reference in order to start integrating the asset

  • You also get Basic Platformer Movement Script attached to the Player GameObject to roam around the mini world

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